Due to our heavy workload, we will not be taking in any clocks for repair until August. Please call or email in August to set up an appointment. We are still scheduling in-home grandfather clock appointments and appointments for picking up clocks that are repaired. We need to catch up.
If you are already on a list for dropping off a clock for repair in July, we will be calling you to set that appointment up in July.
The clock shop is open for business, just a little different, because of the Covid-19. We are repairing clocks. They are dropped off at the clock shop in front of the shop on a table after an appointment is made. We are able to discuss your clock with you outside. The same for picking up a repaired clock. Contact us by telephone, 262-321-0102 or email, contact@spodickclockshop.com to set up an appointment. We have temporarily discontinued replacing watch batteries. We still have some clocks for sale. Let us know if you see something you are interested in on our website or what type of clock you are looking for.

Edelweiss Clock

A customer brought this Edelweiss Beer Advertising Clock, circa 1933-1935
, into my clock shop for repair of electrical wiring that had gone brittle after years of use. Clock Movement is Electric by New Haven Clock Co., New Haven, CT. The dimensions are 30" by 24". Clock is functioning very well & keeps perfect time, sweep second hand adds character to an already eye catching piece of Brewriana History. Top picture displays the clock today. Bottom picture displays the clock in upper right corner on a freezer/cooler, post Prohibition.

Sunday, November 5, 2017 Fall Back

It's that time of year again to turn your clocks back an hour on Saturday night or Sunday morning, November 5. Some helpful tips for wind up clocks would be to stop the clock and restart in an hour. Never go backwards with the hands on an older wind up clock. For battery clocks you can usually just turn the hands back an hour with the set knob. Also we recommend putting fresh batteries in your quartz clock, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

NAWCC 1 Day Joint Chapter Meeting & Mart

On Saturday August 19, 2017, I attended the 1 day joint chapter meeting and mart put on by the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Chapter 3 and 47. It was held at the VFW Post 4551 in Antioch, Illinois. The mart (swap meet) was open from 9:00 to 2:00, but parking lot sales started at 8:00. The event was well attended, with a large amount of unique clocks, watches and parts for sale. A good time was had by all that attended.

Chapter 47 Meeting

I attended the NAWCC Chapter 47 meeting on Sunday, January 8, 2017. We had a good turnout of members, considering the temperature was in the single digits. A small selection of clocks were for sale, but they were quality timepieces. A nice selection of watches were also for sale. More watches than clocks for sale at this show. Ed Buc gave an excellent presentation on sundials. His presentation was titled "Sundials of Wisconsin". Ed showed slides of sundials in Rhinelander, LaCrosse, Wauwatosa and more. He gave an in-depth description of sundials from elaborate to homemade. His presentation was well received.

Chelsea 24 Hour Military Clock

We had in for repair a Chelsea 24 hour Navy Clock. The customer said that it came off the USS Skipjack Submarine in 1979. It has a white 24 hour military time dial and a black phenolic (bakelite) case. The 24 hour dial is rather rare and very desireable. This is an 8 day time only, no strike, movement with an 11-jewel lever escapement. It needed an overhaul and cleaning of the platform escapement. After servicing, it worked like new, keeping perfect time.

So...a customer walks in the clock shop on Saturday with a cuckoo clock. He says the music box doesn't work. Joe opens the back of the case to see a live bat inside. It scared the #*% out of him.
Cuckoo Video

Chelsea "Special" Auto Clock

This antique Chelsea "Special" Auto Clock was in my shop for repair. This 8 day key wind high grade movement needed a tune-up and oiling to put back in running condition. Travelers would carry this clock with them when they went "touring or motoring". Travelers would remove the clock from the case and place on a nightstand or table. The dial reads Geo. B. Carpenter & Co., Chicago. Made by Chelsea Clock Company, Boston, U.S.A. in 1911 and sold new for $45.00. This was a unique clock for a unique time in history.

Gustav Becker Clock

I went to a customers home in East Troy, Wisconsin to tune-up a wall clock that I had repaired several years ago. The clock is a Gustav Becker, 3 weight Grand Sonnerie with 2 gongs. It is commonly called a "blind man's repeater". You can tell what time it is by listening to the strike. The grand sonnerie striking pattern is first quarter, 1 strike on one gong and repeat the current hour on a second gong. Second quarter, 2 strikes and repeat hour. Third quarter, 3 strikes and repeat hour. Fourth quarter, (top of hour) the strike will be 4 on one gong and the next hour on second gong. Example: 2 strikes on one gong and 6 strikes on second gong = 6:30. This is an impressive German clock measuring 54" tall by 18" wide.

Sidewalk Clock

I spotted this sidewalk clock on my way to a meeting in downtown Milwaukee on June 11. It is located by the intersection of Kilbourn & North Plankinton Avenue in front of the Milwaukee County Historical Center. This 20 foot clock was not working and looked like it needed work inside and out. The clock is made by Seth Thomas, with the dial marked M.H.KLOPF Jeweler. It was a nice surprise.


Don't Touch the Clocks

Here is an interesting video from the security camera at the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors museum in Columbia, PA.
"Look But Don't Touch"

nawcc video

NAWCC Meeting

I attended the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Chapter 47, meeting in Milwaukee, WI. Meetings are held at the Norway House on 76th and Oklahoma, on the 3rd Sunday of the months of January, March, May, September and November. There was a nice selection of clocks, watches and parts for sale at the Mart. Bruce Shawkey gave an informative presentation titled "The wristwatch turns 100". Bruce is an avid collector of antique and vintage watches. His presentation highlighted the wristwatch going from a novelty into a rugged, masculine accessory for World War I soldiers, fighting in the trenches. Bruce brought in an original 1915 trench watch from his collection. The presentation was well received. For more information check out the clubs website @ nawcc47.com


Distributor of Clock Movements

We are pleased to announce that we now sell "new clock movements". Check it out. Click on the Store tab, then the Buy It Now tab. We offer for sale - Hermle, Urgos, Kieninger and Regula clock movements. Updating daily. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Time Change Tips

Move minute hand slowly forward one hour. If it is a chiming, striking or cuckoo clock, stop every 15 minutes or 1/2 hour, letting it chime, strike or cuckoo.

Battery or Quartz Clocks - It is best to use the hand knob on the back of the movement to change time. Or move the minute hand slowly to the next hour. Also change battery if needed.

Electric Clocks - It is best to use the hand knob on the back or bottom of clock to slowly move hands to the next hour, stopping every 15 minutes or 1/2 hour, letting it chime or strike.

Atomic Clocks - Clock should change on it's own.

Don't forget to change the batteries in smoke detectors.






















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